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Collaborate with us, and make your ideas into reality. We are Alex's PHP team, a website development company and digital firm that is based in Columbus, Ohio. Our company specializes in custom website and application development.

Work with our dynamic team and have a unique and intuitive website. We build, design, and create digital solutions that boost the value of your company.  We also create a distinct identity and strategic development for companies of all sizes.  Our team will tailor the designs based on your company's scale and structure.  Alex's PHP team is a value-based company that strives to deliver honest and clear services.

All our projects are multifunctional and ensure reliable and secure data processing. We make sure that all our projects anticipate your company's needs, assist your business, and boost your value. Our team will surely provide top-notch services regardless of the cost of the orders. We guarantee satisfaction in every project. We are motivated to perfect our work. So, you do not have to worry about the quality of the project that we will submit to you.

We amplify, develop, and launch your idea. We bring straightforward solutions, intuitive designs, and holistic development to help your company grow.

Our Services

Web Design

Work with us to make a unique website that will surely reflect your company. Our websites are not only aesthetic but intuitive as well. At the beginning of the project, we consider the content and information you want on your website. We also take into account your target audience and how you will advertise your website.

Graphic Design

Companies who don’t have a clear marketing plan will be at a great disadvantage. When you hire a creative team, they can help bring uniformity to your products; plus, they can create designs that are uniquely yours. Alex’s PHP team can help you with your graphic design needs. From printing marketing materials to social media development, we do all these and more.

Identity and Branding Design

Our experts bring to life your vision with creative designs that will be unique to your company. When you have a strong brand for your business, you will have a clear identity that will speak of your company’s reputation. Branding will also set you apart from your competitors. Alex’s PHP Team can assist you in making an identity and brand that speaks for you.

Event Management and Registration

Alex’s PHP Team can also do event management and registration. We have event management systems that will allow you to schedule and manage your events. The system will also allow you to select team members to manage your company’s events, including the handling of payments for the event through the web.

Latest Post

Cannabis Software

What You Need to Know About the Cannabis Software

Alex O'Sullivan | January 22, 2019

Cannabis is rapidly becoming a large business idea. Many states and countries continue to legalize it. It could be due to its medicinal value or its recreational value. Despite that, according to the more info on weed detox pills, there are still many who are attempting to flush it from their system using detox from marijuana.

Nonetheless, it is unique in different ways. For instance, in California, the state law considers marijuana to be legal, but the federal law deems it illegal. Most governments welcome the sale of cannabis due to the revenue it brings. Due to the complex nature of the business, those dealing with marijuana need cannabis software.

If you…

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Web Developers

Tips for Web Developers: Background Checking Clients

Alex O'Sullivan | January 18, 2019

As a web developer, building a successful business profile takes time and effort. A reputation as a talented and client-centric developer is prized because it opens the door to more sustainable income-generating opportunities. I have mentioned best background check service for quick results in the end of article. This gives us projects to work on start with getting clients, and as a web developer‘s portfolio builds up, so does his exposure to new customers. Working with repeat clients is good for a web developer because of the familiarity that has already been established.

On the other hand, getting new clients scores high with a web developer, too. The tricky thing, though, is undertaking a new project with a new client that …

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how to choose Hosting Services

9 Hosting Services You Want to Consider for Your Website

Alex O'Sullivan | December 27, 2018

One of the fundamentals of creating a website is to have a web host. Web hosting is essential to any website. It’s a kind of service which allows an individual entity or organizations to display their own website on the internet. It is also a server that hosts or stores the video, images, information, and other useful information that made up a website. Any data or information associated with a website is maintained by the server of the web hosting service provider. To know more about the web hostings, check more info provided by certahosting professionals.

What to Consider

If you plan to make a website whether for personal or business use, it is important to gather reviews and opinions as to which is the best web …

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Creating an Online Multiplayer Game with an In-Game Cryptocurrency Involved

Alex O'Sullivan | December 15, 2018

Cryptocurrencies have already taken 0.1% of the world’s global economy back in 2017, so it’s no surprise that many industries have been accepting cryptocurrencies as payment methods. Among these industries, the online gaming industry has been one of the strongest supporters of cryptocurrency payments. What’s interesting, though, is that a lot of gaming companies have been implementing cryptocurrency to buy rs accounts into their games.

How Is Cryptocurrency Integrated into Online Multiplayer Gaming?

The simplest way that game developers are doing this is to simply allow Bitcoin payments. Game developers such as Zynga and Bigfish have already been doing this. There have been gaming developers who have been going deeper into …

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Top 5 Photo Editing Software for Web Developers

Alex O'Sullivan | December 11, 2018

Web developers make designs that should be strong enough to be informative yet creative to pike the interest of web users. There are quite a number of programs available in the market. Click here to find the list of the top 5 photo editing software that web developers use:


Photoshop is the most popular photo editing software, not only for web developers but for almost all kinds of designers. It is also hailed as the most powerful software that offers various features for editing images. Under the Adobe company, the full version of Photoshop may be purchased for about $9.99 per month. With this monthly subscription, you will have full access to all its updated tools plus all its new features.

Aside from the monthl…

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How to Choose the Perfect Work Bag

Alex O'Sullivan | December 10, 2018

Finding a perfect bag for work that is practical yet stylish can be very challenging. The bag you carry is a reflection of your personality and speaks volume about your professional ambitions. Women need a functional yet professional work bag that will stand the test of time and make them look polished, focused and confident. Below are some effective tips to help you pick the custom tote bags to carry on the workplace.

Understand Your Needs

Begin by asking yourself how you will use the work bag since not all jobs require the same bags. For instance, know what you will be carrying in your bag. If you carry a laptop, consider a work bag that comes with features such as a laptop compartment for added protection.


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Building a Vape Shop Online

Things to Consider Before Building a Vape Shop Online

Alex O'Sullivan | November 21, 2018

Building your own vape shop online is a great opportunity for those who are into vaping to finally have a place where they can have their supplies intact. This means that if you can provide for what they need to vape, then you are sure to have good business days ahead of you.

Vaping is becoming more of an alternative to smoking. Aside from it being reportedly healthier, it also creates a perspective among the teens that they look cool with it. Look at some of the Review: Aspire Cleito (Smudge Away From Perfection) to know either it is suitable for you or not. So, with these, you are deemed to have a good niche.

However, you must also consider some other important things before building a vape shop o…

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Food Ordering Application

Creating Your Own Food Ordering Application

Alex O'Sullivan | November 17, 2018

Thinking about creating your own home meal delivery and ordering application? In this digital age, more and more people are using smartphones more than ever. Most people nowadays rely on mobile apps to use for their convenience.

Having your own food ordering application can lead you one step closer to start your own food delivery business. Food delivery business has turned out to be a profitable business option for owners and a convenience for residents. You can get more people interested in the coupons advertised by you like the coupon offered by home chef who is the lead business in the market.

By creating an excellent food ordering app online that offers great service and conven…

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How to Build a Custom Laptop

Alex O'Sullivan | November 14, 2018

Building your own laptop is not a walk in the park. It can be quite challenging, but at the same time, it can be very rewarding as well. Purchasing one from the shop can be unsatisfying since it may not contain all the components that you need. Above all, the price of the machine may not be customer-friendly. In the end, building a customized laptop for yourself could be a great option. The following steps explain how one can build a laptop.

Decide The Laptop’s Main Purpose

Laptops have different purposes. Getting to know the main purpose of your laptop will help you decide which battery to settle for.

Choose A Processor That Meets Your Laptop’s Needs

Before picking up any processor, …

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CBD Oil Can Alleviate Stress

How CBD Oil Can Alleviate Stress at Work

Alex O'Sullivan | November 8, 2018

With our day-to-day work, it’s only natural to get stressed. However, while stress is an expected part of life, it’s not healthy to just let it into your life on a daily basis. Luckily, there are many products that can help alleviate stress, and CBD oil is one of them.

What is Stress?

Before we discuss how CBD oil can help with stress, it’s important to understand the definition of stress and CBD and how the two correlates with each other.

According to the www.cbdforsure.com Stress refers to the body’s response to everyday routine. Contrary to the common knowledge, stress is not necessarily synonymous with pressure and tension. This is because stress can also be an expression of talent, energy, and eve…

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Tips for Designing a Surgery Practice Website

Alex O'Sullivan | November 2, 2018

Designing a surgery practice website requires more than just stating the services that you give to patients and knowing how to perform a successful surgery. Below are a few tips that will help you to design and run a surgery practice website successfully.


A website’s success is highly dependent on search engine optimization (SEO). When designing your website, use Meta tags, proper hyperlinks, and keywords throughout the website pages.

When NJ’s top rated spine specialist and surgeon, Joshua Rovner, needed SEO help he found many companies out there that can help in the event of a challenge with SEO. With proper SEO, your site remains the top of major search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

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Why Team Travels Are Important

Alex O'Sullivan | November 1, 2018

An integral part of any employee’s life is being happy at work while at the same time, spending quality time with other colleagues.  However, you will find that too often, many companies will pressure their team members to place work ahead of anything else in order for them to achieve their goals.

It’s quite unfortunate that a country like America, which is very advanced, tends to glorify overworking and views vacation time as a pure luxury. According to research released by travel.voyagevietnam, in America, over 662 million vacation days were left unused. It’s not even considered a necessity for the United States employers to provide paid vacation time.

This notion sends a message to the employees that their personal …

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Most Inspiring Movies Every Business Student Must Watch

Alex O'Sullivan | October 31, 2018

Taking up a business degree can be very challenging yet fun. You get to learn the ins and outs of the corporate world, how you can navigate your way through it and eventually establish a business of your own. Although listening to your professors talk about their experiences in the world of business can help you picture out the business environment, watching movies is also another great way to get an idea of what your profession would look like. Here are some business movie suggestions that would show you both the good and the bad things you might experience when getting into the corporate world.

The Wolf of Wall Street

This 2013 movie is commonly found on every putlocker. It will show you a different side of Leonardo DiCaprio wh…

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Tips on Creating a Cryptocurrency Exchange Website

Alex O'Sullivan | October 27, 2018

Bitcoin, Litecoin, NEO, Ethereum—these and other kinds of cryptocurrencies have totally surprised the world. The revolution of cryptocurrencies started to spark an idea that inspires a lot of people to participate. While some decided to just mine cryptocurrencies or develop something like a blockchain-based application, there may be other people who are interested in building their very own cryptocurrency exchange website.

There are actually a lot of ways to go with the flow of this digital currency rush, but for further development of cryptocurrencies, projects like Bitmex Signals or a Bitcoin exchange website is a crucial matter.

Building Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Website

Even though…

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Why You Should Make Graphic Design a Priority for Your Business

Alex O'Sullivan | October 21, 2018

Most people underestimate the creatives industry. Most people think that the arts are useless and easy to do when in fact, it is not. The world thrives on art, but most people do not consciously recognize it in television, music, design, and many more.

Let us focus on one specific art: graphic design. Graphic design is almost everywhere. As a graphic design agency located in Singapore, Secret Hideout covers almost all facets of the business world for their graphic design needs. It is mostly in advertisements you see on the bus, on billboards, in newspapers, on television, and other places. The combination of colors, texts, and images captures your attention, entices you, and evokes your curiosity.

As a business owner, you want your bu…

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How Hacking Impacts On Your Business

Alex O'Sullivan | October 19, 2018

Online resources and social media platforms have been a big help to many business owners. With the help of these digitized tools, companies are now able to access people across the globe. They are now able to make their products more accessible for many customers.  However, most owners forego web security. With the lack of web security, websites have become more prone to hacking.  Even the most advanced level of Instagram account security, for example, still can’t totally evade identity theft and possible cybercrimes, tools such as Instagram account hacker can do just that.

Most people may not consider this as a threat for business, but in reality, it is.  With this, let’s discuss how hacking affects businesses and what are the poss…

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Custom T-Shirt Designs That You Definitely Should Not Miss

Alex O'Sullivan | September 29, 2018

Plain t-shirts do not always have to be simple, but rather you can spice them up by adding prints and other designs to make these simple shirts more fashionable and less boring. If you wish to turn your plain shirt to a custom T-shirt, here are some of the print design ideas that you ought to consider for your custom hoodies toronto.

Boxed Typography

This design is one of the most popular designs done by many apparel companies. One of the best things about this design is that it is simple and can be done on any color of the shirts. Aside from that, you can create a one-word statement with this design.

When creating your own design, make sure to add enough space in between the letters. You can enclose the word insi…

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Web Design Elements and Trends You Definitely Need To Know

Alex O'Sullivan | September 26, 2018

Almost every year, there are new designs, elements, and trends that emerge for website development. While it seems that they only add to the aesthetic sense of a site, these elements and trends are actually helpful in conveying the story of your company. When these are incorporated thoughtfully, they can also help enhance the look of the contents on a specific device. You do not need to use every trend written in this article, though — as every trend has its own potential to improve the user experience of your target audience.

There are actually a lot of web design elements and trends to choose from—and it will be a challenge to choose the most suitable one for your site. However, knowing the latest trends of web design Malaysia can…

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CBD Oil for Freelancer Professionals: Is it worth it?

Alex O'Sullivan | September 20, 2018

Freelancing is an interesting profession where you can do your passion while experiencing freedom and flexibility while having an unlimited income potential. A freelance professional does work for different clients from around the globe and has a wide range of expertise. He or she could be a web designer, a writer, a tutor, and many more. However, enticing as it may seem, freelancing is actually a very challenging career choice. The challenges faced by a freelance professional differ from that of a regular employee because with freelancing, you do the entire job alone.

A chemical that is gaining a spotlight in the health and wellness world is CBD oil. CBD or cannabidiol is a type of cannabinoid that is naturally…

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A Starter Kit for Mommy Bloggers

Alex O'Sullivan | September 8, 2018

Are you a soon-to-be mom or already one and is just starting to make a blog of your own? A lot of aspiring moms out there desire this as a career or as a hobby but encounter difficulty in the early process. This article will give you simple advice on basic steps on starting your blog as a mom.

Blog Because You Love Blogging

The easiest part of the process is starting the blog, while the most challenging part is sustaining it. Just like any other skill or talent that needs to be mastered, blogging also needs a solid inspiration for doing it. Whether your child is taking their first steps in a baby walker or still having restless nights, there is never a better time to start a blog. For many, the common mot…

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