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Collaborate with us, and make your ideas into reality. We are Alex's PHP team, a website development company and digital firm that is based in Columbus, Ohio. Our company specializes in custom website and application development.

Work with our dynamic team and have a unique and intuitive website. We build, design, and create digital solutions that boost the value of your company.  We also create a distinct identity and strategic development for companies of all sizes.  Our team will tailor the designs based on your company's scale and structure.  Alex's PHP team is a value-based company that strives to deliver honest and clear services.

All our projects are multifunctional and ensure reliable and secure data processing. We make sure that all our projects anticipate your company's needs, assist your business, and boost your value. Our team will surely provide top-notch services regardless of the cost of the orders. We guarantee satisfaction in every project. We are motivated to perfect our work. So, you do not have to worry about the quality of the project that we will submit to you.

We amplify, develop, and launch your idea. We bring straightforward solutions, intuitive designs, and holistic development to help your company grow.

Our Services

Web Design

Work with us to make a unique website that will surely reflect your company. Our websites are not only aesthetic but intuitive as well. At the beginning of the project, we consider the content and information you want on your website. We also take into account your target audience and how you will advertise your website.

Graphic Design

Companies who don’t have a clear marketing plan will be at a great disadvantage. When you hire a creative team, they can help bring uniformity to your products; plus, they can create designs that are uniquely yours. Alex’s PHP team can help you with your graphic design needs. From printing marketing materials to social media development, we do all these and more.

Identity and Branding Design

Our experts bring to life your vision with creative designs that will be unique to your company. When you have a strong brand for your business, you will have a clear identity that will speak of your company’s reputation. Branding will also set you apart from your competitors. Alex’s PHP Team can assist you in making an identity and brand that speaks for you.

Event Management and Registration

Alex’s PHP Team can also do event management and registration. We have event management systems that will allow you to schedule and manage your events. The system will also allow you to select team members to manage your company’s events, including the handling of payments for the event through the web.

Latest Post

CBD Oil for Freelancer Professionals: Is it worth it?

Alex O'Sullivan | September 20, 2018

Freelancing is an interesting profession where you can do your passion while experiencing freedom and flexibility while having an unlimited income potential. A freelance professional does work for different clients from around the globe and has a wide range of expertise. He or she could be a web designer, a writer, a tutor, and many more. However, enticing as it may seem, freelancing is actually a very challenging career choice. The challenges faced by a freelance professional differ from that of a regular employee because with freelancing, you do the entire job alone.

A chemical that is gaining a spotlight in the health and wellness world is CBD oil. CBD or cann…

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A Starter Kit for Mommy Bloggers

Alex O'Sullivan | September 8, 2018

Are you a soon-to-be mom or already one and is just starting to make a blog of your own? A lot of aspiring moms out there desire this as a career or as a hobby but encounter difficulty in the early process. This article will give you simple advice on basic steps on starting your blog as a mom.

Blog Because You Love Blogging

The easiest part of the process is starting the blog, while the most challenging part is sustaining it. Just like any other skill or talent that needs to be mastered, blogging also needs a solid inspiration for doing it. Whether your child is taking their first steps in a baby walker or still having restless nights, there is never a bet…

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We Are Now 3D Printing

Alex O'Sullivan | August 30, 2018

Our team is now delving into the world of 3D printing and offering our 3D printing services. We are supporting the move to empower entrepreneurs.3D printing frees a company from the traditional manufacturing rules and its constraints. Our team is set to explore the many aspects of the technology and industry of 3D Printing.

So how does 3D printing work? Well, you don’t need an expensive 3D printer to find this out, any 3d printer under 1000 USD will help us demonstrate this task. Have you closely checked the printed image or text on a sheet of paper? You will see that the ink is sitting right on the surface of the paper. The printer actually does not…

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SEO Disappearing Into Vapor

Alex O'Sullivan | August 13, 2018

Today’s focus on Alex’s PHP blog is the world of SEO and its evolution into the mystical misty woods. However, more fairy tales later in the story, let’s first focus on what SEO is and from where it has emerged.

Come Down the Yellow Brick Road

To help us understand this story, we are going to help pick a competitive SEO topic and analyze it’s evolution with search engines. Vaping, a popular alternative to smoking, which is taking the world by storm. Coincidentally, the Internet too. Finding everything from vaping equipment, ingredients, to simply vaping advice (like what is the best temperature for my Vaporizer) can be found onlin…

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Questions Your Website Should Answer

Alex O'Sullivan | August 11, 2018

Though it is true that your website design should be eye-catching, your site should also have quality content. It should also keep the readers interested. So, here are the questions your website should answer.


Your website should be the reflection of who you are. You can post credentials, but people will want to know what you can do for them. If it is a site for your company, it should show what your company has to offer. The site should also show what the business is about and what it envisions to be in the future.


Your site’s visitors will wonder why…

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The Basics of Logo Design

Alex O'Sullivan | June 30, 2018

The logo is the face or the brand of a company. It will be what the consumers see first before anything else. It is absolutely crucial to make one that will leave a lasting impression and is easy to remember. The logo is not just any simple mixture of shapes.

When creating logos, you must take into account what the business is and what it wants to be in the future. Logo designing requires plenty of experience and practice.  If you want to get started with logo designing, here are a few steps to become a successful logo designer.

1. Plan

Try to draw quick sketches of the logo you have in mind. Make sure that the logo speaks…

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Alex O'Sullivan | February 22, 2018

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Web Design

Our team is committed to helping all of our clients’companies reach their full potential with our web design.

Print Design

We provide full-service designs for printing.

Logo Design

The logo will be your brand and identity.

Blog Design

One way to help with Search Engine Optimization is to create a blog.