The Basics of Logo Design

The logo is the face or the brand of a company. It will be what the consumers see first before anything else. It is absolutely crucial to make one that will leave a lasting impression and is easy to remember. The logo is not just any simple mixture of shapes.

When creating logos, you must take into account what the business is and what it wants to be in the future. Logo designing requires plenty of experience and practice.  If you want to get started with logo designing, here are a few steps to become a successful logo designer.

1. Plan

Try to draw quick sketches of the logo you have in mind. Make sure that the logo speaks for the company it is going to represent. These sketches may be done using pen and paper or a design software. Begin with ten or more sketches; it will give you more variations to work with. If you do not find anything that you are satisfied with, you can always begin again.

2. Balance

Your logo must be balanced or symmetrical. Our eyes will usually look at balanced images first, and our minds will perceive it well also. So, making a balanced design is the safest and most effective approach. You can occasionally break this rule, but keep in mind that your logo must appeal to many.

3. Color

When you know the emotions a color can bring, you can use this as an advantage. You can try to mix up the color combinations of the logo and match it to the overall feel of the company. You can also play around with single-colored logos. Some companies can be identified by their color.

4. Match the Company

Your logo should suit the business. You can play around different logo design styles. When you have plenty of samples, you can easily match the logo to the company. It is important that you research about the company and its target market beforehand.  Remember that not all styles will match the business.

5. Unique

The logo should be what sets the company apart from the others. It is important that when a person sees the logo, that person can easily identify the company it represents. A quick way to check if the logo you made is recognizable is to mirror it on a design software. If you can still identify the brand it represents, then congratulate yourself. You have successfully made a logo.

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