We Are Now 3D Printing

Our team is now delving into the world of 3D printing and offering our 3D printing services. We are supporting the move to empower entrepreneurs.3D printing frees a company from the traditional manufacturing rules and its constraints. Our team is set to explore the many aspects of the technology and industry of 3D Printing.

So how does 3D printing work? Well, you don’t need an expensive 3D printer to find this out, any 3d printer under 1000 USD will help us demonstrate this task. Have you closely checked the printed image or text on a sheet of paper? You will see that the ink is sitting right on the surface of the paper. The printer actually does not purposely soak the paper with ink.  A 3D printer works in a similar way.  It creates a physical object by putting a layer on top of another layer. Thus, it slowly builds the mass of the object.

Though it may not be able to replace all the traditional manufacturing methods, our team is still excited to explore the endless possibilities of 3D printing.

Our designers are now able to create prototypes for our clients. It will allow the clients to make revisions easily. It also allows our team to make the concepts of our customers into reality easily. The team can now deliver quick and complex designs that are highly accurate and conform to the conceptual plans and designs.

So let us present to you why 3D printing services will benefit you.


3D printing allows us to easily customize the product to fit the customer’s specifications and needs. It also makes the product more unique to the client itself.  It also gives us the freedom to design complex geometries without thinking about the limitations of manufacturing.


There are three factors that cause the price to increase. They are machine operation costs, material costs, and labor costs. The advantage of 3D printing is that it creates complex shapes in one go. In effect, production would then considerably consume less energy, labor, and materials. It also always requires fewer machines. The manufacturing process becomes more efficient as well and has a higher turnaround than traditional manufacturing.

3D printing produces less waste and can use a variety of materials. The technology has minimal reliance on labor thereby bringing down our prices.


One of the advantages of 3D printing is the speed of producing the parts. It allows the clients a shorter wait-time as well.  Complex designs traditionally take a lot of time to create. However, with the 3D printing technology, we only need to upload the design on CAD. The designers will then make the necessary changes and have it printed immediately. It would only take hours to finish the whole process. Whereas traditional manufacturing methods can take days.

3D printing also uses a single material to create the whole prototype which makes the production time considerably shorter.

Though 3D printing is not a long-term manufacturing strategy, the flexibility and the ease it gives in designing the product outweighs its disadvantages.  It allows our team to test fresh concepts and show them to our clients. It also allows more freedom to innovate on our designs and produce optimal results that will satisfy the clients.  In the end, our goal is to satisfy our clients and create products that truly represent them. 3D printing allows that to happen.

SEO Disappearing Into Vapor

Today’s focus on Alex’s PHP blog is the world of SEO and its evolution into the mystical misty woods. However, more fairy tales later in the story, let’s first focus on what SEO is and from where it has emerged.

Come Down the Yellow Brick Road

To help us understand this story, we are going to help pick a competitive SEO topic and analyze it’s evolution with search engines. Vaping, a popular alternative to smoking, which is taking the world by storm. Coincidentally, the Internet too. Finding everything from vaping equipment, ingredients, to simply vaping advice (like what is the best temperature for my Vaporizer) can be found online. However, it’s who is providing this information is where to focus for the purposes of SEO.

SEO, as we know, is short for Search Engine Optimization and arose many years ago when users of the Internet wanted their online properties to be ranked highly in search engine results. The methods at which this art was achieved have evolved over the years, the problem being, search engines don’t necessarily encourage this behavior.

How Vaping has Shaped SEO

Like many competitive online terms, vaping has emerged as a forefront in shaping how web companies like Alex’s PHP Team offer SEO services. Clients of our services are now offered a full range of both on page and off page SEO in order to rank for their vaping topics.

Providing relevant information on a topic is the first step to ranking well and this can be seen in the Vaping SEO results. Millions of searches are done daily on simple vaping questions like the temperature of a vaporizer or do vaporizers leave a smell. Articles for these results should give detailed and concise pieces of information for users to consume. On top of this, including informational pictures, videos and charts will help boost the rankings of these pages.

Specialist Vaping SEO Companies

Many specialized SEO companies have emerged in recent years with the sole purpose of catering to the vaping industry. One of the main reasons for this is the growth of local vaping outfits popping up all of the United States. Local SEO is a little different to attempting to appeal to users across a broad spectrum. It can involve engaging tools like Google Maps and being listed on important local websites that matter to the community.

These companies also often have access to large databases of websites who are willing to post and talk about new vaping tools and equipment. They can quickly have many articles written with quality backlinks to local vaping websites. Backlinks from authority websites can help a website’s rankings immensely. However, be careful to ensure that the backlink is coming from a quality source. At Alex’s PHP Team, we strive to give our clients be best off site SEO links. All of our clients so far have enjoyed stellar rankings from our SEO services and are happy to provide references of their experiences.

What vaping SEO have you done for your website? Let us know in the comments below and pass on any feedback about this article. Reach out to Alex’s PHP Team at any time for top notch SEO services.

Questions Your Website Should Answer

Though it is true that your website design should be eye-catching, your site should also have quality content. It should also keep the readers interested. So, here are the questions your website should answer.


Your website should be the reflection of who you are. You can post credentials, but people will want to know what you can do for them. If it is a site for your company, it should show what your company has to offer. The site should also show what the business is about and what it envisions to be in the future.


Your site’s visitors will wonder why they should care or why they should buy from you. The site should have enough information about the company or about you. The readers should know why you are the best person for the job. It should also focus on why they should continue browsing or reading through the site.

Are you Reliable?

Let’s admit, most readers, if not all, will be skeptical when they visit a site. It is best to have testimonials on your website. Show the visitors or readers the projects that you have done or the contributions that you made. It will demonstrate how credible you are. It will also be a way for you to back up the claims you made on the site. When your website does not look trustworthy, it will not serve its purpose. The site should be a way for you to communicate with your market.


Your site should have a strong call to action. You must assume that your reader will want to know what your next project is or when. Read through your site and answer the questions your reader might have when they visit your site. The site should also appeal to your future readers or potential clients.