Questions Your Website Should Answer

Though it is true that your website design should be eye-catching, your site should also have quality content. It should also keep the readers interested. So, here are the questions your website should answer.


Your website should be the reflection of who you are. You can post credentials, but people will want to know what you can do for them. If it is a site for your company, it should show what your company has to offer. The site should also show what the business is about and what it envisions to be in the future.


Your site’s visitors will wonder why they should care or why they should buy from you. The site should have enough information about the company or about you. The readers should know why you are the best person for the job. It should also focus on why they should continue browsing or reading through the site.

Are you Reliable?

Let’s admit, most readers, if not all, will be skeptical when they visit a site. It is best to have testimonials on your website. Show the visitors or readers the projects that you have done or the contributions that you made. It will demonstrate how credible you are. It will also be a way for you to back up the claims you made on the site. When your website does not look trustworthy, it will not serve its purpose. The site should be a way for you to communicate with your market.


Your site should have a strong call to action. You must assume that your reader will want to know what your next project is or when. Read through your site and answer the questions your reader might have when they visit your site. The site should also appeal to your future readers or potential clients.

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