SEO Disappearing Into Vapor

Today’s focus on Alex’s PHP blog is the world of SEO and its evolution into the mystical misty woods. However, more fairy tales later in the story, let’s first focus on what SEO is and from where it has emerged.

Come Down the Yellow Brick Road

To help us understand this story, we are going to help pick a competitive SEO topic and analyze it’s evolution with search engines. Vaping, a popular alternative to smoking, which is taking the world by storm. Coincidentally, the Internet too. Finding everything from vaping equipment, ingredients, to simply vaping advice (like what is the best temperature for my Vaporizer) can be found online. However, it’s who is providing this information is where to focus for the purposes of SEO.

SEO, as we know, is short for Search Engine Optimization and arose many years ago when users of the Internet wanted their online properties to be ranked highly in search engine results. The methods at which this art was achieved have evolved over the years, the problem being, search engines don’t necessarily encourage this behavior.

How Vaping has Shaped SEO

Like many competitive online terms, vaping has emerged as a forefront in shaping how web companies like Alex’s PHP Team offer SEO services. Clients of our services are now offered a full range of both on page and off page SEO in order to rank for their vaping topics.

Providing relevant information on a topic is the first step to ranking well and this can be seen in the Vaping SEO results. Millions of searches are done daily on simple vaping questions like the temperature of a vaporizer or do vaporizers leave a smell. Articles for these results should give detailed and concise pieces of information for users to consume. On top of this, including informational pictures, videos and charts will help boost the rankings of these pages.

Specialist Vaping SEO Companies

Many specialized SEO companies have emerged in recent years with the sole purpose of catering to the vaping industry. One of the main reasons for this is the growth of local vaping outfits popping up all of the United States. Local SEO is a little different to attempting to appeal to users across a broad spectrum. It can involve engaging tools like Google Maps and being listed on important local websites that matter to the community.

These companies also often have access to large databases of websites who are willing to post and talk about new vaping tools and equipment. They can quickly have many articles written with quality backlinks to local vaping websites. Backlinks from authority websites can help a website’s rankings immensely. However, be careful to ensure that the backlink is coming from a quality source. At Alex’s PHP Team, we strive to give our clients be best off site SEO links. All of our clients so far have enjoyed stellar rankings from our SEO services and are happy to provide references of their experiences.

What vaping SEO have you done for your website? Let us know in the comments below and pass on any feedback about this article. Reach out to Alex’s PHP Team at any time for top notch SEO services.

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