A Starter Kit for Mommy Bloggers

Are you a soon-to-be mom or already one and is just starting to make a blog of your own? A lot of aspiring moms out there desire this as a career or as a hobby but encounter difficulty in the early process. This article will give you simple advice on basic steps on starting your blog as a mom.

Blog Because You Love Blogging

The easiest part of the process is starting the blog, while the most challenging part is sustaining it. Just like any other skill or talent that needs to be mastered, blogging also needs a solid inspiration for doing it. Whether your child is taking their first steps in a baby walker or still having restless nights, there is never a better time to start a blog. For many, the common motivation for blogging could be money. Although valid, this will not sustain your hobby in the far future. If for example, you will receive a huge sum of money, you will immediately stop your blogging. On the other hand, if your inspiration is a loved one and there is friction in the relationship, your blogging commitment might get affected. Thus, before you start blogging, check yourself first if you love doing it. Because if you do, the abundance and scarcities of life will not stop you from doing what you love.

Choose a Platform

In order to run your blogs online, you would need a software like WordPress or Wix. There are tons of platforms available online but for starters, you may want to start on the mentioned platforms. These are not only beginner-friendly, but they allow customization of your own blog site.

Choose a Reliable Web Host

The platform you have chosen will keep your blogs running on the site but you need a host for it to be viewed by anybody online. In choosing a reliable web host, do not just pick the one with the lowest price.

  • First, check its stability and durability. Many web hosting services encounter downtime, so pick one that consistently runs with zero or minimal downtime.
  • Second, pick a host that offers continuous support whenever something goes wrong.
  • Lastly, you can weigh your choices down with their prices. Web hosting services like Bluehost, SiteGround, and HostGator Cloud are the top contenders that you may want to check.

Make Your Own Domain Name

The domain name is simply the name of your blog website. Thus, this is critical in giving your site a brand that is simply attractive and interesting to the audience. It is highly recommended that you get “.com” but if it is not available, the “.co” is still okay. The web host will require you to fill up on their online forms your basic information like name, address, phone number, and email. You will also be asked to specify your package plan. Some web hosts offer a lower total price when you opt for a longer term like 3 years. Choose the package with the best deal. After paying, you can log on to your account.

Set up Your Blog Site

Once you’ve logged in, you can now customize the appearance and theme of your site which should be relevant to your blog write-ups. For a start, platforms like WordPress already has default templates which you can just choose from. You can also change the design later on. Familiarize yourself with the organization of your site and its different tabs. For WordPress, you can see on its sidebar the tabs for posts, media, pages, comments, and so on.

Start Your First Blog Now!

If you are already familiar with Microsoft Word (Windows) and Pages (Mac), writing on platforms like WordPress is just easy for you. On the Posts Tab, you can start to write new posts. The basic parts of the editor will be title area, content area, and editing tools. After writing and reviewing your blog, you can publish it already. You also have the option to preview first or to save it as a draft for later polishing and publishing.

Write With a Purpose

Each blogger has a unique purpose in mind of why he or she started doing it. Some people just want to tell their story to the whole world while some identify a specific niche, thus, targeting different types of audience. As a new or soon-to-be mom, you may want to share your thoughts on motherhood, the new products you are using, how you are preparing for your baby’s arrival, and so much more. Regardless of your target, just make sure that your content really helps people in any way. When your followers receive solutions from their long-time problems, they could not help but share these ideas with others as well. In that way, you will not only be helping others but it is a smart way of easily growing your blog site.

If you are perfectly new to online blogging, starting up may be hard at first. But once you’ve got a hold of it your workflow will be smooth and it will definitely make your blogs stand out. Just don’t forget that you blog because you love to do it.

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