Custom T-Shirt Designs That You Definitely Should Not Miss

Plain t-shirts do not always have to be simple, but rather you can spice them up by adding prints and other designs to make these simple shirts more fashionable and less boring. If you wish to turn your plain shirt to a custom T-shirt, here are some of the print design ideas that you ought to consider for your custom hoodies toronto.

Boxed Typography

This design is one of the most popular designs done by many apparel companies. One of the best things about this design is that it is simple and can be done on any color of the shirts. Aside from that, you can create a one-word statement with this design.

When creating your own design, make sure to add enough space in between the letters. You can enclose the word inside geometric shapes like rectangles, circles, or triangles. To make it more personal, you can also add hashtags or a logo. When choosing the fonts, try using fonts like geometric san-serif or even Calibri. This makes the message inside the geometric shape easy to read.

Detailed Animal Illustrations

Another way to add more life into your plain T-shirt is by making bold illustrations of animals. Many animal rescue organizations were able to make an impact because of their colorful and loud animal illustrations.

If you wish to try this type of print, try choosing a bright drawing of the animal of your choice. There should be a good contrast between the color of the print and the shirt. In this way, the illustration on your shirt would pop out.

Minimalistic Phrases

One of the best things about doing a minimalistic phrase is that you can create a personal statement that truly represents you. You can also experiment with different kinds of fonts and colors. When using this design, it is best that you consider the size of the font and its color. So that people can clearly read your statement.

Hand-drawn Illustrations

A hand-drawn illustration is another way of showing your creative side. You can create hand-drawn pictures or calligraphic designs that you can use to issue a statement.

Resistance Designs

One of the best things about this design is that it helps you express your opinion about politics and other social issues. Some people call these statement shirts. If you are planning to get a resistance shirt, make sure that the shirt reflects your social and political views. Aside from that, the design should be loud and classy to the eyes.

Mystic Minimalist Linework

Inspired by minimalist blackwork tattoos, these shirts come with a minimalist and lined design. The lines seen in these shirts are often thin and follow the idea of the badge design on shirts. You can see these line designs around chest pockets of the shirt or cursive lines that show various drawings of different objects. If you plan on using this design, you can use sans-serif type of fonts. The drawings can be anything. You can liken it to one having a line tattoo.

Custom T-shirt designs are a way of expressing your fashion and inner thoughts. If you wish to channel your creativity, you can start with this designs. With these simplistic designs, nothing will go wrong with your shirt!

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