Web Design Elements and Trends You Definitely Need To Know

Almost every year, there are new designs, elements, and trends that emerge for website development. While it seems that they only add to the aesthetic sense of a site, these elements and trends are actually helpful in conveying the story of your company. When these are incorporated thoughtfully, they can also help enhance the look of the contents on a specific device. You do not need to use every trend written in this article, though — as every trend has its own potential to improve the user experience of your target audience.

There are actually a lot of web design elements and trends to choose from—and it will be a challenge to choose the most suitable one for your site. However, knowing the latest trends of web design Malaysia can help you determine those that could work for your website. The following are the most important elements of a modern web design that can help improve the performance of your website.

Integrating large and unique typography

A company website usually has its own font to help their users identify them among a lot of competing brands. In modern web design, there is now a broad selection of fonts, thus helping most company website to express and emphasize their brand through the use of typography. You can also use your own language’s alphabet with the English translation, for example, Bahasa Melayu characters beside the English words.

Using responsive and wide-reaching hero images

Integrating large images in your content do away with the above and below the fold concept. Just by concentrating on the image with text, it creates a strong sense of visual experience that can help encourage first-time visitors to scroll down.

Uploading background videos

Having a video on your site that automatically plays on the background can actually do more for the website. You can use them if you want to tell something about the site, and it can also help reduce the number of text for your site. Having a video in your site can help catch the user’s interest and get them to click to play the main video.

Opting for a semi-flat design

A flat design is a design that does not give off a three-dimensional visual—for instance like a shadow. Flat designs give off an easy to comprehend feel to the users, and it also loads quicker than other designs. A semi-flat design, on the other hand, also gives off the same vibe as the former, but uses a shadow without overdoing it. This, in turn, gives the design an element of depth.

Integrating large product images

Nowadays, there are many websites that are displaying giant images of their brands or products in order to emphasize their features and parts. Using this approach helps to highlight the most valuable products of the company. Images in large sizes are also scan-friendly, and they also help the users have a solid visualization of what the product is capable of by showing them off in an image and not through text.

When you use these web design elements it also means that you have to take other things into consideration. Prioritizing your user’s experience comes first on the list, followed by the optimization of your site using its functionality and not just by the design. These elements will help your website attract a lot of visitors, bring about more leads, and turn the audience into potential clients in the future.

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