Most Inspiring Movies Every Business Student Must Watch

Taking up a business degree can be very challenging yet fun. You get to learn the ins and outs of the corporate world, how you can navigate your way through it and eventually establish a business of your own. Although listening to your professors talk about their experiences in the world of business can help you picture out the business environment, watching movies is also another great way to get an idea of what your profession would look like. Here are some business movie suggestions that would show you both the good and the bad things you might experience when getting into the corporate world.

The Wolf of Wall Street

This 2013 movie is commonly found on every putlocker. It will show you a different side of Leonardo DiCaprio who was known for his character “Jack” in the movie Titanic. The movie depicts the rise and fall of the career of Jordan Belfort, a Wall Street stockbroker. He was imprisoned for 22 months for committing fraud against a number of investors by initiating a massive security scam. The movie shows how corporate greed could affect one’s supposedly successful career. The Wolf of Wall Street is a great movie since it shows the importance of business ethics and emotional intelligence in the corporate world.

Office Space

Office Space is a 1999 comedy movie that portrays the life of Peter Gibbons and his two other friends who happen to be computer programmers who hate their jobs in the company called Initech. They are constantly humiliated by their boss, so when Initech begins corporate downsizing and hires efficiency experts, they take their revenge.

This movie shows how young professionals who finished college and hoped to find a good career found themselves stuck in jobs that failed to enhance their skills. The film highlights the importance of having the qualities of a good manager, becoming more effective, and getting along with your subordinates for a more dynamic work environment.

The Insider

This movie, starring Russell Crowe and Al-Pacino, stresses the true meaning of integrity and ethics in the business world. The plot involves a man who has done a lot of mistakes in the company and has now finally decided to do what’s right. However, he is faced with the choice of keeping his mouth shut or risking his life to do the right thing.

Pursuit of Happiness

This light and heartwarming movie will show you the sacrifices one has to go through to succeed in life. The Pursuit of Happiness tells the story of a man who seems to have everything going against him. It shows the challenges faced by a struggling salesman – sleeping in shabby hotels, homeless shelters, and bathrooms. It stresses the importance of character, attitude, and constant determination in order to achieve success.

Citizen Kane

One of the most well-known films in America, Citizen Kane tells the story of the life of a newspaper magnate and businessman. Throughout his entire life, his associates, acquaintances, and the media have been following his every word. This is an eye-opening film for a lot of people who aim to achieve too much in life. Success can come at a price, and it can make you feel quite empty once you’ve reached the top.

Movies are a great way to get entertained while picking up a number of important lessons after you’ve watched the film. These are only some of the many business-related movies that you can watch during your spare time to give you more ideas on how you could deal with life once you graduate and enter the corporate world.

Tips on Creating a Cryptocurrency Exchange Website

Bitcoin, Litecoin, NEO, Ethereum—these and other kinds of cryptocurrencies have totally surprised the world. The revolution of cryptocurrencies started to spark an idea that inspires a lot of people to participate. While some decided to just mine cryptocurrencies or develop something like a blockchain-based application, there may be other people who are interested in building their very own cryptocurrency exchange website.

There are actually a lot of ways to go with the flow of this digital currency rush, but for further development of cryptocurrencies, projects like Bitmex Signals or a Bitcoin exchange website is a crucial matter.

Building Your Own Cryptocurrency Exchange Website

Even though Bitcoin states that it is a “currency away from the government”, you must have a deep knowledge and understanding on the rules on cryptocurrency exchange and the regulations it follows in your own country. If you miss this part, you have to brace yourself for a lot of problems in the future—even to the point of imprisonment. While building your own cryptocurrency exchange website, you better hire an experienced lawyer that can help you out and provide you consultation.

This exchange website will make a lot of difference in the renovation of the financial world. However, a Crypto Trading website and its development prove to be a bit challenging, and in order to build and create great result, you need to take a few steps and tips.

Know who you are going to compete with

While it seems that Crypto Trading just recently made its appearance, there are actually a lot of websites that are already doing a good job in this field. You can scout them to know their success story and their existing strategies. You should also be aware of their past failures so that you can be one step ahead and plan a solution.

Determine your location

Before building your own exchange website, you must ask yourself a lot of question, and that includes where you want to operate. As stated, there are different regulations and laws about the exchange depending on the country. Therefore, you have to meet their requirements and abide to their laws. Sometimes this may cost you a lot—both your time and money—but it is also important when it comes to planning. Setting the groundwork is highly essential.

Define your target audience

This one seems an easy task, but it actually has an impact on the future of your respective business. Defining who your target audience is will help you understand how your marketing tactics will be and also aids you on how to design your website interface so that you can provide an excellent user experienced to your future customers.

Choose your preferred development team

To make your ideas come to life, you can hire your own development team. But this one seems to be time-consuming, and may actually cost you more than what you expect. The key is to hire the right web development partner that can pull off the job well.

Final Thoughts

Building a cryptocurrency exchange website is a huge project. Finding a skilled development team is a good start, and with through careful research and planning, you can definitely succeed and make your mark.

Why You Should Make Graphic Design a Priority for Your Business

Most people underestimate the creatives industry. Most people think that the arts are useless and easy to do when in fact, it is not. The world thrives on art, but most people do not consciously recognize it in television, music, design, and many more.

Let us focus on one specific art: graphic design. Graphic design is almost everywhere. As a graphic design agency located in Singapore, Secret Hideout covers almost all facets of the business world for their graphic design needs. It is mostly in advertisements you see on the bus, on billboards, in newspapers, on television, and other places. The combination of colors, texts, and images captures your attention, entices you, and evokes your curiosity.

As a business owner, you want your business to stand out and attract customers. Some business owners neglect to invest in good graphic design, thinking it would be a waste of money, but they’re relatively wrong. In this article, we shall tackle why you should make graphic design a priority for your business.

First impressions

Businesses thrive on branding. It is the first thing people see and make first impressions upon whether it is your logo, your signature, or your product design. Does your logo catch customers’ eyes that make them curious about your product and services or does it seem like an eyesore that discourages your customers from getting to know you and your product and services?

Even if you claim to have the best product or service in the city, if you have a poorly designed brand, people would not believe it.


Graphic designers will cater to how you want to present your brand. They will design it down to the very spacing, colors, and fonts used. Graphic design Singapore takes into consideration even the littlest detail just to make your brand look great and never an eyesore.

Stand out

Competition is always one factor in having a business. Good graphic design of your brand will set you above the rest. People who are drawn to visually appealing things are more likely to buy it. Having a unique logo or design will also make your brand memorable to your customers.


Effective design will push your customers to purchase your product or avail of your services. The way you design your website can entice your customers to click that “add to cart” button or keep turning pages on your brochure.


Investing in good graphic design in a single instance will save you loads of money than constantly rebranding over and over again which is a total waste of resources. A good design will go a long way.

Overall, graphic design contributes to the process of your business reaching your target market. It also gives them an idea even before they try your product or service. Don’t skimp on investing in good design because just like any other decision you have made for your business, it is essential for your business to grow. A good design will go a long way, and it is always a business owner’s priority to make their business expand and thrive.

How Hacking Impacts On Your Business

Online resources and social media platforms have been a big help to many business owners. With the help of these digitized tools, companies are now able to access people across the globe. They are now able to make their products more accessible for many customers.  However, most owners forego web security. With the lack of web security, websites have become more prone to hacking.  Even the most advanced level of Instagram account security, for example, still can’t totally evade identity theft and possible cybercrimes, tools such as Instagram account hacker can do just that.

Most people may not consider this as a threat for business, but in reality, it is.  With this, let’s discuss how hacking affects businesses and what are the possible ways to keep your business safe.

How does it affect businesses?

Most business owners think that they are safe from hacking without knowing that they can actually be the main targets of many hackers.

Hackers can not only hack your personal information but can also destroy your digital marketing campaign.  They would hack malicious codes on your site which in turn harms your search ranking in Google and other search engines.

Search engines do not just crawl your site but rather they also look for contents and links inside it. If your website happens to be hacked, then it will be de-evaluated until further notice. Some hackers would implement Cross Site Scripting to your website. Users will have a difficulty accessing your website then. Hackers will redirect your users to another website that is unrelated to yours.  You can possibly lose not just visitors but possible customers as well.

How to Safeguard a Website?

Strengthen Access Control

When strengthening access controls, passwords and usernames should be unique. Aside from that, the default database prefix should not start “wp”. It should be random and difficult to guess.

Be informed

Business owners should be aware of the different kinds of cyber threats and their targets. They can read news or websites that offer valuable information about website security.

Increase Network Security

Office computers should not have easy access route to website servers. Business owners can tighten the security by doing the tips below:

  1. Logins should expire after a period of inactivity.
  2. Passwords should be changed regularly
  3. Do not write down the passwords.
  4. Passwords should be strong and difficult to guess.
  5. Devices attached to the network should be scanned for malware whenever they are attached to the computer.
  6. Invest and Install Security Applications

If the website is in WordPress format, there are several applications that can be used as security plugins. Wordfence, Sucuri Security, BulletProof Security are some of the plugins that are suggested for WordPress Websites.


To add security, use an encrypted SSL protocol to move users’ personal information to and fro the website and database.


Hacking has a major impact on business. It doesn’t only affect the brand reputation of a website but also the possible customers visiting the website. If you happen to have a website, make sure to follow these precautions. Rest assured that with these tips, your website is safe from web security breach.