How Hacking Impacts On Your Business

Online resources and social media platforms have been a big help to many business owners. With the help of these digitized tools, companies are now able to access people across the globe. They are now able to make their products more accessible for many customers.  However, most owners forego web security. With the lack of web security, websites have become more prone to hacking.  Even the most advanced level of Instagram account security, for example, still can’t totally evade identity theft and possible cybercrimes, tools such as Instagram account hacker can do just that.

Most people may not consider this as a threat for business, but in reality, it is.  With this, let’s discuss how hacking affects businesses and what are the possible ways to keep your business safe.

How does it affect businesses?

Most business owners think that they are safe from hacking without knowing that they can actually be the main targets of many hackers.

Hackers can not only hack your personal information but can also destroy your digital marketing campaign.  They would hack malicious codes on your site which in turn harms your search ranking in Google and other search engines.

Search engines do not just crawl your site but rather they also look for contents and links inside it. If your website happens to be hacked, then it will be de-evaluated until further notice. Some hackers would implement Cross Site Scripting to your website. Users will have a difficulty accessing your website then. Hackers will redirect your users to another website that is unrelated to yours.  You can possibly lose not just visitors but possible customers as well.

How to Safeguard a Website?

Strengthen Access Control

When strengthening access controls, passwords and usernames should be unique. Aside from that, the default database prefix should not start “wp”. It should be random and difficult to guess.

Be informed

Business owners should be aware of the different kinds of cyber threats and their targets. They can read news or websites that offer valuable information about website security.

Increase Network Security

Office computers should not have easy access route to website servers. Business owners can tighten the security by doing the tips below:

  1. Logins should expire after a period of inactivity.
  2. Passwords should be changed regularly
  3. Do not write down the passwords.
  4. Passwords should be strong and difficult to guess.
  5. Devices attached to the network should be scanned for malware whenever they are attached to the computer.
  6. Invest and Install Security Applications

If the website is in WordPress format, there are several applications that can be used as security plugins. Wordfence, Sucuri Security, BulletProof Security are some of the plugins that are suggested for WordPress Websites.


To add security, use an encrypted SSL protocol to move users’ personal information to and fro the website and database.


Hacking has a major impact on business. It doesn’t only affect the brand reputation of a website but also the possible customers visiting the website. If you happen to have a website, make sure to follow these precautions. Rest assured that with these tips, your website is safe from web security breach.

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