Most Inspiring Movies Every Business Student Must Watch

Taking up a business degree can be very challenging yet fun. You get to learn the ins and outs of the corporate world, how you can navigate your way through it and eventually establish a business of your own. Although listening to your professors talk about their experiences in the world of business can help you picture out the business environment, watching movies is also another great way to get an idea of what your profession would look like. Here are some business movie suggestions that would show you both the good and the bad things you might experience when getting into the corporate world.

The Wolf of Wall Street

This 2013 movie is commonly found on every putlocker. It will show you a different side of Leonardo DiCaprio who was known for his character “Jack” in the movie Titanic. The movie depicts the rise and fall of the career of Jordan Belfort, a Wall Street stockbroker. He was imprisoned for 22 months for committing fraud against a number of investors by initiating a massive security scam. The movie shows how corporate greed could affect one’s supposedly successful career. The Wolf of Wall Street is a great movie since it shows the importance of business ethics and emotional intelligence in the corporate world.

Office Space

Office Space is a 1999 comedy movie that portrays the life of Peter Gibbons and his two other friends who happen to be computer programmers who hate their jobs in the company called Initech. They are constantly humiliated by their boss, so when Initech begins corporate downsizing and hires efficiency experts, they take their revenge.

This movie shows how young professionals who finished college and hoped to find a good career found themselves stuck in jobs that failed to enhance their skills. The film highlights the importance of having the qualities of a good manager, becoming more effective, and getting along with your subordinates for a more dynamic work environment.

The Insider

This movie, starring Russell Crowe and Al-Pacino, stresses the true meaning of integrity and ethics in the business world. The plot involves a man who has done a lot of mistakes in the company and has now finally decided to do what’s right. However, he is faced with the choice of keeping his mouth shut or risking his life to do the right thing.

Pursuit of Happiness

This light and heartwarming movie will show you the sacrifices one has to go through to succeed in life. The Pursuit of Happiness tells the story of a man who seems to have everything going against him. It shows the challenges faced by a struggling salesman – sleeping in shabby hotels, homeless shelters, and bathrooms. It stresses the importance of character, attitude, and constant determination in order to achieve success.

Citizen Kane

One of the most well-known films in America, Citizen Kane tells the story of the life of a newspaper magnate and businessman. Throughout his entire life, his associates, acquaintances, and the media have been following his every word. This is an eye-opening film for a lot of people who aim to achieve too much in life. Success can come at a price, and it can make you feel quite empty once you’ve reached the top.

Movies are a great way to get entertained while picking up a number of important lessons after you’ve watched the film. These are only some of the many business-related movies that you can watch during your spare time to give you more ideas on how you could deal with life once you graduate and enter the corporate world.

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