9 Hosting Services You Want to Consider for Your Website

One of the fundamentals of creating a website is to have a web host. Web hosting is essential to any website. It’s a kind of service which allows an individual entity or organizations to display their own website on the internet. It is also a server that hosts or stores the video, images, information, and other useful information that made up a website. Any data or information associated with a website is maintained by the server of the web hosting service provider. To know more about the web hostings, check more info provided by certahosting professionals.

What to Consider

If you plan to make a website whether for personal or business use, it is important to gather reviews and opinions as to which is the best web hosting service provider online. At the same time, a web host must meet your standard since other hosting services implement different solutions. In order to minimize your time browsing the internet, you may want to consider these popular hosting services below:


It offers a wide range of services, integrations, and features that are best for website beginners. The hosting service also boasts a top-notch service and a plethora of security features. Plus, Bluehost is probably one of the hosting services that have the easiest interface.


If you’re looking for a cheap hosting service, HostGator is one of them. The company provides a variety of services and features. It is also one of the largest web hosting providers which offer a monthly package. The service starts at $2.78/month.


If you’re a beginner, this provider has an easy ‘build their own website’ because of its array of programming tools for site building. The company also features shared, dedicated, and VPS web hosting. The best part? A 1-year FREE domain registration.


Everything you need in your hosting plan is in iPage. It has a powerful set of features and offers everything that meets your standards. The service includes a free web design service, plenty of marketing strategies, and security features. Plus, the servers are powered by renewable energy.


When you don’t have the necessary skills to make a website, SiteBuilder is a perfect choice. The service offers easy-to-use drag and drop tools which enable anyone to virtually create a website. That simply means you don’t need to be experienced in web designing and programming.


This hosting company offers a broad selection of features and services. It specializes in affordable domain registration and comes with powerful security infrastructures which are better than any hosting services.


The company offers free web hosting and ready-made website designs. Plus, it has the best features in terms of ease of use and a wide range of services. Sitey is the sister company of Sitebuilder.com, Websitebuilder.com, and Sitelio.com.


The biggest hosting company that offers an uptime guarantee, free backup and restore, and unlimited storage except for the economy package and free domain under their annual plan.


When it comes to flexibility, TsoHost can help you opt for a web hosting via its own web management console or cPanel hosting. It’s considered a versatile hosting service with a low-cost package plan.

All of them are considered the best and popular hosting services. However, the most important thing is that when you choose the best hosting service provider, it must have the quality of transparency, easy to use interface, lots of essential features, and low-cost good quality service.

Creating an Online Multiplayer Game with an In-Game Cryptocurrency Involved

Cryptocurrencies have already taken 0.1% of the world’s global economy back in 2017, so it’s no surprise that many industries have been accepting cryptocurrencies as payment methods. Among these industries, the online gaming industry has been one of the strongest supporters of cryptocurrency payments. What’s interesting, though, is that a lot of gaming companies have been implementing cryptocurrency to buy rs accounts into their games.

How Is Cryptocurrency Integrated into Online Multiplayer Gaming?

The simplest way that game developers are doing this is to simply allow Bitcoin payments. Game developers such as Zynga and Bigfish have already been doing this. There have been gaming developers who have been going deeper into cryptocurrency as well.

An example would be Fracture Labs with their post-apocalyptic survival game called Decimated. Decimated is a survival game that is run on the Ethereum blockchain. What makes Decimated very interesting is that it makes use of DIO, a token that is used specifically for the game. It is operated by Ethereum token ERC20 and is used for in-game purchases sort of like an in-game currency.

You can earn DIO while playing in the game, looking for certain items, and selling them. Of course, the DIO also has a market cap which is about 1 billion tokens which will be put up in their ICO. Investors will be able to get tokens and also sell them to players who want to have more in-game currency.

Are There Other Games Integrating Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies?

Now, Decimated isn’t the only game that has been integrating blockchain and cryptocurrencies. EverDream Soft’s ORB Project allows players to use real money to get in-game currency and items through a gaming wallet. Although the game doesn’t have its crypto-based in-game currency, their system still runs on the blockchain network. Another example would be Lordnmacer II by Active Games which allows pretty much the same thing. You can use your real money to trade for items or currencies in the game. You may also earn real money by selling items via the platform. Of course, there are also games that allow mining in-game wherein you can earn certain cryptocurrencies by playing.

What Are the Drawbacks to This Integration?

The integration is real and getting more widespread, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any problems that may follow. One of the problems with this kind of technology would be regulation. With virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies merging, it would be a bit difficult for regulators to define gaming entities.

Aside from that, there would also be the technical aspect. In general, blockchain is a very complicated mechanism. Integrating it to games is very much feasible but may still produce some bugs in the system.


With some of the drawbacks present, fully integrating blockchain into the eco-system of a game is going to be quite a challenge. However, there are already some MMOs that have done it successfully. It won’t be long before a lot more MMOs will follow in their footsteps and create more games on the blockchain network using cryptocurrency as in-game currency.

Top 5 Photo Editing Software for Web Developers

Web developers make designs that should be strong enough to be informative yet creative to pike the interest of web users. There are quite a number of programs available in the market. Click here to find the list of the top 5 photo editing software that web developers use:


Photoshop is the most popular photo editing software, not only for web developers but for almost all kinds of designers. It is also hailed as the most powerful software that offers various features for editing images. Under the Adobe company, the full version of Photoshop may be purchased for about $9.99 per month. With this monthly subscription, you will have full access to all its updated tools plus all its new features.

Aside from the monthly bill, the disadvantage with Photoshop is that it can be quite confusing at first. You will have to learn the tricks and the shortcuts to be able to use it well. Photoshop has also the limited capability for some web design needs. Nevertheless, once you master this photo editing software, the sky will be your limit in altering images.


GIMP is the next famous choice for web developers. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and even Linux. Moreover, this software is free and can just be downloaded from the internet. Its platform is also quite easy to understand and use. It also has a good number of features that can do magic with photo editings like cloning, color correction, and selection tools. The file formats that are compatible with GIMP include the usual formats like. PNG, JPG, TIFF, and GIF. Its disadvantage is the same with that of Photoshop. GIMP has also limited capability in doing tasks that are web design related.

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is known as the favorite of graphic designers because of its ability to do complex photo editing tasks. Just like GIMP, it is also free and can be downloaded easily. Affinity Photo can process RAW files and has end-to-end CMYK capabilities. It can also do frequency separation and has different blending mode tools. The only downside is that it is only available for Mac users. Also, its status as free is only for a limited time.


PIXLR is a photo editing software that is available to use in various formats. Most use it as a web-based software, while others download it as an app for offline editing. It is available for iOS and Android users. With PIXLR, you can freely edit images and create web graphics using different pre-designed tools. A downside is that it has limited capabilities with resizing, resolution, and format conversion, which can also be useful for web designing.


Sketch is the software built specifically for web designers. It is carefully formulated to cater to web designing needs like creating icons and doing a layout for web graphics. It also enables designers to make complicated designs through vector Boolean operations.  Sketch also allows designers to edit website headers and style. Moreover, it has easy-to-understand symbols that allow users to do their tasks in a breeze. The only downside of this software is that just like Affinity Photo, it is only available to Mac users.


While Photoshop is still the widely-used photo editing software for designers, there are also alternatives that web developers can use. Even for just quick editing or complex designs, these alternatives are also quite powerful and have features that are useful for web design.

How to Choose the Perfect Work Bag

Finding a perfect bag for work that is practical yet stylish can be very challenging. The bag you carry is a reflection of your personality and speaks volume about your professional ambitions. Women need a functional yet professional work bag that will stand the test of time and make them look polished, focused and confident. Below are some effective tips to help you pick the custom tote bags to carry on the workplace.

Understand Your Needs

Begin by asking yourself how you will use the work bag since not all jobs require the same bags. For instance, know what you will be carrying in your bag. If you carry a laptop, consider a work bag that comes with features such as a laptop compartment for added protection.

You should also factor in how you commute to work and the distance to and from the office. If you cycle or take public transport, then finding a work bag with detachable and adjustable shoulder straps will ensure that the weight is properly distributed. Both these styles of commuting require a comfortable bag that is designed with water-resistant materials for rainy days. If you are driving your car, you will benefit from numerous styles of bags that will keep your things organized.

Consider Your Type of Work

When choosing the right bag for work, it is crucial to consider your office or job culture. This will help you determine the style of work bag that will fit well with your work environment. If you are wearing suits and button-down shirts, it is only appropriate that you choose an elegant and top-notch handbag, briefcase or shoulder bag. Also, if you work in a formal, corporate environment, pick neutral colors.

For a funky environment, think of bags that will show off your personality. If you are wearing a t-shirt and jeans, look for a laid-back backpack.

Take into Account the Size and Structure

The work bag you choose should be enough to accommodate all your belongings without becoming too heavy. If you will be carrying your laptop and iPad, double check the size of the bag and ensure that they will fit. Custom tote bags are a great option for fitting a lot of stuff.

Additionally, structure is of paramount importance. You want a bag that is well structured and comes with a decent amount of pockets to help you stay organized. Apart from the external zip pocket, a good work bag needs to have a few internal zip pockets for storing things like pens and keys.

Use Complementary Colors

The color of your bag should complement not only your work environment but also your existing wardrobe. Color is a great way to spice up your outfit and express yourself. Neutral colors such as black, grey, navy, brown and white will go well with almost every outfit. However, if you are looking to make a bold statement, consider bright colored bags such as red and navy. Tan and black are always in fashion and are great for masking off stains.

Choose the Right Style

The style of your bag should match your taste as well as the company’s atmosphere. In terms of style, you need to decide which between a briefcase, handbag, backpack or crossbody bag will be ideal for you. While a briefcase is considered the most classic, it may not be a comfortable choice.

It is wise to invest in a well-structured leather bag that will stand the test of time and make you feel polished and confident. The higher the quality of the bag, the better it will serve you. Moreover, ensure that the style of your bag matches your work’s environment and sends the right message to your colleagues and clients.

While choosing a fashionable and attractive bag is important, it is more vital to ensure that it fits the purpose for your everyday work environment. The above ideas will help you find your ideal bag to take to work.