Creating an Online Multiplayer Game with an In-Game Cryptocurrency Involved

Cryptocurrencies have already taken 0.1% of the world’s global economy back in 2017, so it’s no surprise that many industries have been accepting cryptocurrencies as payment methods. Among these industries, the online gaming industry has been one of the strongest supporters of cryptocurrency payments. What’s interesting, though, is that a lot of gaming companies have been implementing cryptocurrency to buy rs accounts into their games.

How Is Cryptocurrency Integrated into Online Multiplayer Gaming?

The simplest way that game developers are doing this is to simply allow Bitcoin payments. Game developers such as Zynga and Bigfish have already been doing this. There have been gaming developers who have been going deeper into cryptocurrency as well.

An example would be Fracture Labs with their post-apocalyptic survival game called Decimated. Decimated is a survival game that is run on the Ethereum blockchain. What makes Decimated very interesting is that it makes use of DIO, a token that is used specifically for the game. It is operated by Ethereum token ERC20 and is used for in-game purchases sort of like an in-game currency.

You can earn DIO while playing in the game, looking for certain items, and selling them. Of course, the DIO also has a market cap which is about 1 billion tokens which will be put up in their ICO. Investors will be able to get tokens and also sell them to players who want to have more in-game currency.

Are There Other Games Integrating Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies?

Now, Decimated isn’t the only game that has been integrating blockchain and cryptocurrencies. EverDream Soft’s ORB Project allows players to use real money to get in-game currency and items through a gaming wallet. Although the game doesn’t have its crypto-based in-game currency, their system still runs on the blockchain network. Another example would be Lordnmacer II by Active Games which allows pretty much the same thing. You can use your real money to trade for items or currencies in the game. You may also earn real money by selling items via the platform. Of course, there are also games that allow mining in-game wherein you can earn certain cryptocurrencies by playing.

What Are the Drawbacks to This Integration?

The integration is real and getting more widespread, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any problems that may follow. One of the problems with this kind of technology would be regulation. With virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies merging, it would be a bit difficult for regulators to define gaming entities.

Aside from that, there would also be the technical aspect. In general, blockchain is a very complicated mechanism. Integrating it to games is very much feasible but may still produce some bugs in the system.


With some of the drawbacks present, fully integrating blockchain into the eco-system of a game is going to be quite a challenge. However, there are already some MMOs that have done it successfully. It won’t be long before a lot more MMOs will follow in their footsteps and create more games on the blockchain network using cryptocurrency as in-game currency.

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