Indeed, the months April to December are commonly the busy months for tree arborists. During the winter season, keeping warm is a lot easier for them compared to cooling down during the summer. There is some tree maintenance that you can do during the winter season, which depends on the work being done and access to the yard. Below are some of the tree services in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs that can be perfectly done during this season: 


Trees, especially those that are newly planted, must be mulched near their root areas. This will help maintain moisture and secure them from the freeze-thaw cycle, which could occur during early spring or late fall. Also, mulching could serve as the road salt’s buffer that protects the tree from being damaged by salt. Remember to avoid placing mulch too much since it could be dangerous for your trees. 


Trees that are newly planted in exposed and windy places might benefit as well from being staked during the cold season. This is essential so that they won’t be easily blown down. Stakes could be eliminated during springtime. Hence, the tree could be accustomed to the wind in its new area. 

Tree guards 

It is a great idea to add a tree guard, especially for young trees that have young bark and are more prone to frost damage or sunscald. Moreover, tree guards are ideal for protecting trees from rodents that feasts on tree barks. 

Winter pruning 

Mature trees, which have been damaged before due to storm or overgrown, might need to be pruned to stop the tree from failing because of severe winter weather. In the winter seasons, it would be much simpler to see the tree’s structure since it has no leaves. This could be an advantage to effectively and properly prune them. 

Burlap wrapping 

There are a few evergreen trees that can benefit from wrapping them in burlap since this stops the snow’s weight from being pushed down on their branches. In addition, burlap can aid in preventing windburn and salt damage to these kinds of trees. 

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It’s vital to have a tree expert to assess your tree once storm damage happens. Preventative maintenance could help minimize the risks of failure because of heavy weather. Hence, you should take care of your tree as early as now. 

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