Maintaining to have a clean window could be a demanding job. You could wipe and scrub the whole day and you still end up not entirely removing all the streaks and smudges in your window. Moreover, regardless of how you clean your windows, they never appear to be too clean for too long. Worry no more, we will provide you the greatest hacks in cleaning your windows and make them appear spotless: 

Clean if the weather is cloudy 

Cleaning your windows under the heat of the sun will make you feel tired immediately. Fortunately, the greatest time to clean your windows would be on a cloudy day. The sunny day could be too hot and its heat would immediately dry out the liquid window cleaner you apply, which creates dirty streaks that will make your windows streaky and worse compared before. Cleaning during a cloudy day won’t only help you conserve your energy, it could minimize the streaking on your windows as well. 

Change window scrubbers 

As you clean your window, your scrubbers gather the dust and dirt that was on your window’s glass. The moment this gathers over a certain point, the clean scrubber turns to be a dirty one. Rather than eliminating filth, it can only spread it out even more near the parts you try to clean. The solution to this could be regularly changing your scrubbers.  

Use vinegar to clean your windows 

Purchasing a commercial window cleaner might appear to be a great choice, especially because it is intended for window cleaning. But, there’s a substance that’s more qualified to do the job well. The great part is that it can be seen in every household—vinegar. This substance is too acidic, which means that it can remove and break down even the stubborn stains and spots. Particularly for windows, it is especially great since it does not make streaks. Make sure to dilute it with water before using it as your window cleaner since it could be too strong if it’s independently utilized.  

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Though all of the hacks above can help you clean your windows, the greatest thing you can do to prevent a hassle clean-up would be to contact a professional cleaning company that offers window cleaning as one of their services. 

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