If you are living in a tropical area, there is a chance that heavy rains could come. Usually, heavy rains can cause flooding and you will eventually experience this at some point in your lie. To be caught up in this situation could be overwhelming and stressful. However, as soon as you take immediate action, you can fix the situation. If you encounter this, you have to act immediately since the little amount of water could actually result in mold development. On top of power outages, moisture also places homeowners in a specific situation that’s prone to mold. Don’t worry because we are here to help you to efficiently and quickly dry out your flooded carpet using a few steps: 

Transfer your carpet off of your carpet 

Make sure to start moving all your furniture out of the carpet. The last thing you want to do is to weigh down your carpet with heavy furniture since the additional pressure can trap water below the carpet. If possible, transfer your furniture to a dry garage or an empty room. 

Place towels all over the flooded carpet 

Go get all the towels you have and start soaking the remaining moisture. Put some pressure on the towels for the moisture to be absorbed as much as it can. Then, take the used towels to a shower, bathtub, or outside and ring them for you to reuse them. Keep on doing this step until you’ve completely absorbed all the moisture. 

Vacuum the flooded carpet 

You should not utilize a regular house vacuum for this step. Instead, you should utilize a wet/dry vacuum that’s heavy-duty for this. If you don’t own one, this vacuum could be rented. Make sure to cover every part of the carpet for your vacuum to absorb as much moisture it can.  

Inspect below your wet carpet 

After doing all the steps above, you should then inspect below your carpet so that you’ll know how much work is still needed. The carpet pads could possibly be ruined. However,  it might be rescued once you take action right away. 

Contact a professional 

You’ve done all your best to salvage your carpet. However, your actions are still not enough. If this is the case, contact professional carpet cleaners in Geelong 

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